Monday, January 14, 2013

ACE ROCKWOOD "The Total Package"


 Ace Rockwood is currently one of the greatest porn star in the industry today and has crossover to mainstream gay porn.  What can I say that the title of this article has already stated?  ACE ROCKWOOD IS THE TOTAL PACKAGE.  Ace has been in the porn game for some time now and he has grown to be a popular brand in the gay porn market in general.  Last year, Ace Rockwood released his first porn production DVD called NY Sex Chronicles and it became one of the best-selling adult DVDs of 2012.

     I can't wait to see what Ace Rockwood will have under his sleeves for 2013.  But for the Ace Rockwood fans all around the world, U can bet your last money that his big, thick (and always hard) dick will be in action this year when he release future scenes for popular websites as well as working on his porn productions as well.  2013 will be a successful year for ACE ROCKWOOD.


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