Wednesday, January 16, 2013


MEMPHITZ CREAMER, WHERE ARE YOU?!!!  The fans of the upcoming porn star are asking that specific question. Few years have pass since we have first saw him become a phenom on the infamous website.

You can still watch some of his fan-favorite scenes on if you are a hardcore Memphitz Creamer fan like I am (just type in MEMPHITZ in the search bar).  I can tell you that I have busted a lot of nutts jerking off watching his videos. I just love to see him stroking his long, rock-hard, 11-inch DICK that SHOOTS massive CUMSHOTS like a MOTHERFUCKING CANNON.!!!

My favorite MEMPHITZ video is when he BUST A LOAD on a KIT-KAT BAR.  When I had saw that video, I was hungry for Memphitz' CUM-covered KIT-KAT BAR (IT'S WAS LOOKING SO TASTY).  There are alots of his videos that me (as well as others) that is still BUSTIN' NUTTS TO HIS VIDEOS  that you can easily find on his Xtube page (memphitzcreamer).

As a blogger, I would love to do an interview with him someday on this blog because I know the fans can't get enough of that BIG DICK BROTHA WHO BUST NUTTS LIKE A VOLCANO.  I have him has a friend of facebook so I'm gonna see what's up with dat.

2013 is still a new year so we'll probably will be hearing from Memphitz in a BIG WAY this year.

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